Advertising Campaign | Eastview Mall

Situation Firmly establish the mall as the premier area shopping mall and increase traffic flow with an advertising campaign for the Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse markets.


  • Position Eastview Mall as a destination, rather than just a place to shop, in order to keep customers in the mall for longer periods of time.
  • Plan an advertising campaign with enough flexibility to last two years. All content including theming, photography, video, and illustration would be collected in time for the first season and be used for five subsequent seasons. Content needed to remain fresh and exciting each season.

Solution K2 developed the messaging platform “Have an Eastview Day – Have a Good Day” which reinforces the allure of dining, salon visits, and relaxing at the mall with good friends, as well as shopping at high-end retailers. A series of TV spots were produced, utilizing an innovative blend of fashion-inspired illustration, still photography, bright seasonal colors, and an upbeat soundtrack provided by alternative rock band Luce.

Result A highly successful holiday shopping season exceeding expectations relative to the soft economy.