Branding, tradeshow design & direct mail | ExxonMobil Chemical Films

Situation ExxonMobil Chemical is an international manufacturer of oriented polypropylene (OPP) films used in a wide variety of product labeling and packaging applications. Customers include snack food, candy, and frozen novelty manufacturers, soft drink and beer companies, and makers of household chemical and automotive products.

Challenge ExxonMobil’s OPP products were perceived as being at the high end of the price range in a market which perceived OPP film as a commodity. Further, ExxonMobil had been pursuing a horizontal marketing strategy, addressing each market segment with similar messages.

Solution K2 completed a product branding and positioning exercise that recommended changing to a vertical market strategy and then produced the tactical materials – new logos, trade show materials, collateral, direct marketing, advertising, and multimedia – to communicate with each market segment on an individual basis.

Results ExxonMobil’s OPP films have a world-class image and continue to hold a dominant market share in virtually all of their categories.