K2 had the exciting challenge of rebranding Fairport Savings Bank, a community bank that has now been serving the Rochester area for 130 years. FSB needed a revived brand that conveyed its warm and friendly customer experience and proud local history, while leveraging its modern and competitive product offering.

Branding components
After research and many conversations with key staff and decision makers, we worked to define FSB’s unique brand personality. From there, we created their tone of voice, key messaging and our favorite, the tagline…Love Your Bank. Then we moved into creating their visual style.

Consistent visual design allows for easy recognition of your brand and sets your business apart from the competition.

Visual style
FSB’s visual style includes an updated logo, energized colors, fun and friendly graphics, new fonts and an icon system for their main product offerings.

Together, the updated messaging and visual style serve to create a look that helps FSB tell their story and stand out from the competition.

Designed for the next 100+ years
The great thing about a strong brand is that it helps to create a cohesive message across all tactics. The key messages, colors and icons shown here are used throughout their website, social media and advertising campaigns.

We would like to thank Fairport Saving Bank for the opportunity to work with them to establish their brand and to use that vision to help them connect with the local community.

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