Special Olympics is the largest global public health organization dedicated to serving people with intellectual disabilities. In 2012, Special Olympics launched Healthy Communities, an innovative global initiative that promotes access to inclusive health, builds on the success of Special Olympics Healthy Athletes™ screenings, and opens doors to wellness and follow-up healthcare year-round.

The global impact of the Special Olympics Healthy Communities Initiative, which has been made possible by the support of

K2 Communications was tasked with creating a public exhibit at RIT to help communicate the overwhelming need for this program by describing the many challenges facing children with disabilities around the world, and to highlight the many successes of the program.

Our goal was to design an uplifting and engaging exhibit that would tell the story in a fun and easy-to-understand way. The design is progressive and energized, with a bright color palette that serves to attract attention in the often-busy hall. Artifacts donated by children around the world were used as the centerpiece of the display. A map of the world, showing all locations currently served, is the exhibit backdrop.