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Situation Foxwise USA had gone through a few name changes since its inception in 2008. In addition, the company’s service offering had shifted from HR and professional development to integrated IT solutions. The company’s branding had become outdated and confusing, and as a result, the focus of the company had become unclear to their target market.

Challenge How to reactivate and clarify a brand without losing the past, while opening channels for new business growth.

Solution After completing our branding process, K2 recommended changing the company name from FoxWise USA to Foxwise Technologies. This change served to emphasize their specialty in providing IT services and solutions. We designed an exciting new logo and icon system, and developed a unique messaging strategy that would allow the company to consistently and effectively deliver their branded information. We also clarified their service offering and developed a new website that communicates all necessary information in an easy-to-understand and visually-exciting way. In addition, we developed an integrated marketing communications plan that focuses on building growth for the next year.

Results Foxwise has a stunning and modern look, a clear objective, and is moving forward with a plan to build for the future.