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Branding & web | Intrinsiq Materials


Situation As an international company with multiple target markets and a sophisticated product, Intrinsiq Materials had a complicated story to tell. In early 2013, executives engaged K2 Communications to help the company differentiate itself in the market and better communicate its offering to new and existing customers.

Challenge Intrinsiq needed a marketing communications strategy to help remove obstacles from the customer adoption process. Supporting materials needed to explain the company’s long-term, solutions-based offering, and they had to be sharp, modern, and tech-focused. But most importantly, Intrinsiq needed to look and sound like a global company.

Solution Because Intrinsiq is a start-up with a limited marketing budget, K2 developed a phased approach, with initial focus on the website for the furthest reach to customers both in the U.S. and internationally.

The new website integrates an updated, branded look with a clean, well-organized approach. Its modern and user-friendly design relies on strong blocks of color and strategic use of white space. Information is communicated using a clear and simple tone of voice that avoids the use of industry jargon and vague claims. Together, these elements serve to highlight Intrinsiq’s three key selling features—its products, processes and solutions—providing necessary information without overwhelming the reader. In addition, the site utilizes a responsive design, making it easily viewable on all devices.

The mid-November launch was timed to coincide with a large industry trade show that Intrinsiq attended, both as a vendor and guest speaker. The company booth and marketing materials were redesigned to integrate the new messaging and look, and included a strong call-to-action to drive traffic to the new site.

Results Since the launch, the site has received high praise from Intrinsiq customers and vendor partners. In the first two months the new site was live, it received 585 visits, 479 unique visitors and 1,477 unique page views. In addition, the ‘contact us’ form page has received 238 views.