Many businesses and organizations utilize wayfinding maps. Whether they serve to direct clients, employees or visitors, wayfinding maps provide an important visual reference to help people get to their desired location.

John Cammarosano, K2 art director, has extensive experience creating maps using a variety of bold graphic styles. Adding a degree of stylization to wayfinding can simplify complicated directions and make it easier to get around. Design elements can also serve to strengthen your brand by incorporating your visual style, color, fonts and logo.

K2 does 3D
The world isn’t flat. Your site map, floor map, or floor plans shouldn’t be either. They should be dimensional, interesting, colorful, engaging, fun. Let us take your maps into the next dimension and bring them to life.

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Is your organization in need of a new map? Please give Claire a call at 256-0110 x1. We’d love to help people find their way to you!