eblast-hepc-k2Jordan Health has been a force in community-focused healthcare for almost 100 years. Located in neighborhoods where healthcare needs are most pressing, Jordan Health serves Rochester’s underserved and uninsured residents, meeting their need for comprehensive health services.

Jordan Health engaged K2 Communications to help them reach out to community members living with Hepatitis C, including those unaware of their condition, to communicate risk factors and the local availability of treatment.

K2 created a campaign that utilized simple, high-impact visuals and messaging, and a friendly, positive approach to generate awareness. The slogan “Hep C. Test. Treat. Live.” appeared on all tactics and served as a motivational call to action. Advertising tactics including transit, outdoor, posters and radio were used to reach the target market. Collateral included rack cards and pamphlets. We made use of guerrilla marketing tactics and employed partners within the community—distributing information packets containing collateral and promotional items to churches, schools and community centers to share with their members. Public relations tactics engaged the media and obtained news coverage for both Jordan Health and the new Hepatitis C treatment options.