2014 was an interesting and exciting year.

As the marketing world continued to change, so did we.

As a result, web, video, and social media played a significant role.

We have not lost track of our core strengths: branding, design, and illustration. All tactics continued to be approached with our same passionate attention.

We had a very diverse and interesting group of clients and projects this year, ranging from an iPad app for healthcare instruments to marketing for a locally-owned organic restaurant.

From a TV campaign for a premier senior living complex, to branding and social media for a newly-restored hotel in the East End.

From illustrations for a major museum, rebranding a craft brewing company, and launching websites for architects, engineers, and new development projects.

How do we maintain our level of success with such a wide range of clients? It’s because we have refined our Discovery Process, in order to better understand your brand personality, strengths, target markets, competitors, and goals.

And because of the great K2 team that works so hard to provide the highest creative standards for every project, be it large or small.

To our wonderful clients—we thank you for the opportunity you give us. And we look forward to all that can be accomplished in 2015!