Partners in need
We saw the sign in the sky…A “K” and a “2”. Someone needed our help. And they needed it now. We knew what we had to do. Our friends at Partners + Napier were in trouble, and time was running out. They knew it. We knew it. We had to act. Fast. A few seconds in a phone booth and we were off, our K2 capes flapping in the frigid Rochester air. Superheros fighting against a relentless foe: The Tight Deadline.

K2 to the rescue
We created four superhero character illustrations, following corporate graphic guidelines, but pushing the limits. No graphic crimefighter ever wins by playing it safe. Rules sometimes have to be broken if the good guys are going to win. The illustrations were featured at an event on Wall Street…New York…Manhattan…Gotham City. The Deadline was vanquished—this time. Yeah, we won this round and the message was out: The next time a tight deadline casts its dark, foreboding shadow over you and the odds are stacked against you, flash that “K2” signal in the sky and we’ll be there to fight the good fight for you. Every time. Thwack! Pow! Wham! Done..
Do you need a fire put out?