Our new TV spot
Bud and his wife, Peggy, moved to The Highlands at Pittsford this summer. They’re meeting new friends, seeing some familiar faces, and enjoying all there is to do at The Highlands. In our latest TV commercial, Bud and friends encourage those considering a move to The Highlands to “Come visit us!”

The Highlands has given K2 the wonderful opportunity to work on the branding, marketing, and advertising as well as creating TV spots for many years. This relationship is special because not only do we work with the marketing team, we also get to meet many of the amazing, awe-inspiring residents.

Real Advertising Works!
In this new TV ad, we introduce Bud who joins Joan and the other Highlands TV “stars”.  Bud clearly adds to the vibrancy and charm of living at The Highlands at Pittsford. Who would use actors to star in TV commercials with such compelling and talented resources like these very real people?

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