K2 Communications had the opportunity to work with Finger Lakes Area Counseling & Recovery Agency (FLACRA) to create a brand for their new Recovery Center. Located in Canandaiguia, Connections Rounded Recovery is a community center, serving individuals with substance use disorders and their families.

Connection for recovery
This comprehensive program provides multiple pathways to recovery, and helps to bridge an array of community services and formal treatment opportunities. Activities include health and wellness and skill-building classes as well as support groups.

A holistic approach to recovery
There are many pathways to recovery from a substance disorder. Recovery is a process and each individual must follow their own journey. But at the heart of each recovery story is a strong support system and the connections needed to build a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

Branding for substance abuse
K2 created a brand that was calming, inviting using the FLACRA parent brand as a guide. Tactics using the new message have included design and messaging for the website, signage, flyers, door hangers, giveaways, social marketing.

Make the Call
Please help spread the word, call 833-4-FLACRA for help.
We are pleased to be part of a project that brings so much to so any people.

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