Transforming the trucking industry

E. Philip Saunders is a man who looked into the future and saw opportunity in the creation of the country’s interstate highway system. When it was still being conceived and built, Mr. Saunders—working at his father’s gas station—envisioned a network of refueling stops to help service the nation’s truckers while lending some stability to their lives spent on the road. In addition to refueling, the truckers could shower, enjoy a hot meal and stay for the night.

Eventually, his vision transformed the trucking industry and in doing so, Mr. Saunders was able to give back to his beloved Western New York community.

Designing the exhibit

K2 was given the task of creating exhibit design to help Rochester Institute of Technology honor E. Philip Saunders for his legacy of giving. We captured the spirit of his inventiveness, the spirit of the times and the grandness of his vision in the exhibit at RIT’s Saunders College of Business

We utilized our unique branding process to concept, curate, design, and fabricate a display conveying Mr. Saunder’s story in an exciting, dramatic way. Then we used the creative concept to design a 25 foot ‘highway’ that attached to the wall. Graphic panels of photos and text were created and attached to tell the story. The brand process is same process used to create award-winning brand identities for our clients.

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