K2 Communications had the opportunity to work on a very important campaign. As most of you know, the opioid crisis has hit unbelievable proportions in the last few years. It is a crisis which affects all walks of life. Race, age or address don’t seem to matter.

The FLACRA Opioid Treatment and Response Team
Our client, Finger Lakes Area Counseling & Recovery Agency (FLACRA), has received grants to become a Center of Treatment Innovation Team, or COTI. They have been working around the clock so they can provide necessary services. Their team has been fielding and triaging thousands of calls. As well as reaching out to hundreds of individuals in need  They use their Mobile Crisis Team & Teleheath support services so they can reach people quicker.

Branding for the opioid crisis
K2 developed a powerful brand that was concise and memorable. Make the Call has already been proven to be life saving. Tactics using the new message have included design and messaging for website, flyers, door hangers, giveaways, social marketing and digital ads, radio. And most recently, billboards.

A Message From the FLACRA Chief Financial Officer:
“The new billboards can help FLACRA get the attention of families in need, potential hires and career seekers, referral agencies, law enforcement, hospitals and most importantly, those with substance abuse disorders.”

Make the Call
Please help spread the word, call 833-4-FLACRA for help.

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