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Talent, humor, and good-natured fun are ageless. We’ve been reminded of this joyous fact over the last few years while creating the current television and print campaign with The Highlands at Pittsford. The Highlands is not your typical community, let alone senior community.

The Highlands at Pittsford takes a concept called The Seven Dimensions of Wellness and does it to the max. The food, the fun, the friendships, the opportunities for learning as well as contributing, the state-of-the-art Wellness Center complete with pool and sauna, the vibrant grounds with nature trails, the tree-lined streets, the quintessential village architecture—all of this is surpassed only by the impressive character and delightful personalities of the people who make The Highlands their home.

Since The Highlands and their residents do life so well what better way to market the community than to have its members share a little about themselves and the good times they enjoy together?

Check out the TV commercial we’ve just added to the campaign. It features Joan, a local celebrity after the launch of the first three commercials, and a group of ‘alleged’ golfers who meet up at Mickey Finn’s every Thursday for lunch rain, snow or shine!

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