The Harley School is celebrating their 100th anniversary. K2 was honored when they asked us to design an exhibit to help them mark the occasion.

The Harley School has a rich history of offering the freedom of a progressive education, allowing students to “develop from within” through collaborative experiences. This unique approach is summed up by their motto:
Become What Thou Art, which became the title of the exhibit.

Harley had hundreds of wonderful photos and artifacts from the past 100 years so we decided to use them as the focal point of the exhibit.

We created a collage of photos that runs 53 feet, the entire length of the hallway. The design symbolizes the flow of time—an analogy to Allen’s Creek, which runs through the campus.

If you have an exhibit project in the works, please contact us. We’d love to partner with you to find a truly creative solution to tell your story.

“Thank you and your crew for all your wonderful work. Everyone is so impressed with the wall and we are so proud to display it.”

Karen Saludo, Development and Alumni Relations, The Harley School